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Dag 20: Beach day in Playa del Carmen

Mexico - Thursday 9 December 1999

I sleep in quite late. Well, I sleep restlessly, but I stay in bed for a long time. My conversation with Andrea yesterday continues to occupy my mind. Not so much herself. She is beautiful, kind, unique, but that doesn't evoke such strong feelings.

What particularly preoccupies me is the strange sequence of events: coincidentally taking a picture of her, saying "hi" twice on the bus we both happened to be in, and eventually sitting right in front of her on the last bus and having an extensive conversation. Sometimes things happen so naturally that it truly seems predestined. That it's really our fate to meet each other. Quite remarkable. That's what I'm pondering about.

I share a room with Gert; he also gets up late. We head into town. I check my email (the last time, "see you all on Sunday!") and we exchange some money. We bump into Laura. The three of us have breakfast together.

For the rest of the day, Gert and I lounge on the beach. It's lovely doing nothing. Drinking a cola, reading a bit, soaking in the sun, and taking occasional swims. Still relishing that vacation feeling, nearing the end of the holiday.

In the afternoon, we run into Wolfgang and Liz. They spent the day together and had a really enjoyable conversation. I noticed earlier that they share many thoughts about various things (such as their aversion to children).

I decide to go to Tulum tomorrow. No one else wants to go there; the ruins aren't particularly remarkable according to the Lonely Planet. But I also want to try to find Andrea. I want to know if we are really destined to meet. Somehow, I have a feeling that I'll find her.

Gail elaborates extensively about the ruins. When I inquire about the town of Tulum, she says there's nothing interesting there and I wouldn't want to go. Even when I say I still want to go, she doesn't quite get it. But when I explain why, she becomes extremely enthusiastic. "I know you will find her!" she says. I'm afraid of making myself too excited. If I don't find her, that's fine too: at least I've tried, and I know that destiny has decided otherwise. Or something like that.

We end the day with a Maya Coffee, quite special. It resembles the Mayan Sacrifice I had before. Alcohol is set on fire in various ways. Ultimately, the waiters even create a tower of burning, downward-flowing alcohol (tequila). The coffee is extremely sweet; it actually makes me feel a bit queasy. But it's fun nonetheless.


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