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Dag 12: Day trip to Copán

Honduras - Wednesday 1 December 1999

Early start! At 4:00 am, Liz, Maria, Wolfgang, and I leave for a day trip to Copán in Honduras. There is a beautiful Maya ruin there, just as large as those in Tikal and Chichen Itza. It's not on the official schedule, but we have time to go there ourselves.

We have to drive quite a distance: including a breakfast stop, it takes us 7 hours. The last part of the road in Guatemala and the entire section in Honduras is on an unpaved road.

They're already working hard on a paved road, so in a year or so, it won't be as spectacular.

The border with Honduras is deserted. Only a few farmers and a hitchhiker want to go to the other side. So, the procedures are very slow.

At the entrance to the ruin area, there are wild parrots!

The ruins in Copán are extremely quiet. If there are ten visitors in total, I estimate it to be high.

We hire a guide, Marvin, who turns out to be very good. He speaks English well and gives very detailed explanations. We also ask many questions, so the tour takes us 3 hours.

Thanks to the thorough explanation, this is the most beautiful ruin we have seen so far.

You can see clearly how the layout of the city must have been here.

Many buildings are well restored. There are also many images and hieroglyphs in good condition.

Liz has a whole bag of tapes with her. Amanda Marchall is very nice, The Proclaimers stand out, and her jazz tape is very pleasant. We talk about making plans for the future. She wants to live in London someday and also stay longer in Honduras. Being a volunteer at a Maya excavation seems appealing to her. Later, she admits that it's also because she likes Marvin, although I think she says that to see how Wolfgang and I react to it.

After the long trip back, Liz, Wolfgang, and I go to eat in Antigua. We return to the nice restaurant where we ate on Monday. More people in the group are getting sick. Maria fell ill during the day, and Wolfgang got sick in the evening. They think it's from the food on Tuesday. It might also be from breakfast somewhere in a dirty roadside restaurant.


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