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Report of our group travel with Tucan Travel, october 9th - 30th, 1998

Group picture during the Inca Trail: Femke, Diederick, Ronald, Otto, Mike, Dawn, Elisabeth, Joanne, Michiel, Freddy, Jenny
Diary and pictures:
Group members Group members during this trip
Day 1 Departure from The Netherlands
Day 2 Arrival in Lima, non-touristical part of Lima
Day 3 Start of our group travel, bus trip to Pisco
Day 4 Ballestas Islands, sand dunes near Ica
Day 5 Chauchilla-cemetery, Nazca-lines, Nazca
Day 6 Arequipa and the frozen Juanita-mummy
Day 7 High in the mountains to Chivay, La Calera-spring
Day 8 Colca Canyon, Condor Valley, Chivay
Day 9 Flight to Cusco, Santa Domingo-church
Day 10 Río Urubamba-valley, Ollantaytambo-ruin
Day 11 Flight to the jungle
Day 12 Deep in the jungle
Day 13 Back to Cusco
Day 14 First day Inca Trail
Day 15 Second day Inca Trail
Day 16 Third day Inca Trail
Day 17 Fourth day Inca Trail, Machu-picchu
Day 18 By train to Puño
Day 19 Lake Titicaca and Taquile-island
Day 20 Taquile-island
Day 21 Back to Lima
Day 22 Last day in Lima
Day 23 Back to Holland
Map of south Peru
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