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Dag 15: Horse riding in the Cayo District

Belize - Saturday 4 December 1999

We sleep so wonderfully! I wake up around 10 o'clock. Well, I actually wake up a few times earlier, but I doze until 10.

The shower here is cold. The water is heated by the sun, but it remains cold. Nevertheless, it's very refreshing. The shower stalls have no roof, so you're showering in the sun. It's a fantastic way to wake up.

The Trek Stop is established by John and Judy, a teacher couple from Chicago. Judy runs the little restaurant. I have delicious banana pancakes for breakfast. Finally, some good coffee!

I expect everyone is already awake, but some are still rolling out of bed. After all the early rising, we really needed a quiet day. We just hang around a bit: writing a little in our diaries, reading a bit. I realize I forgot to post two cards.

In the afternoon, we go horseback riding! John takes us there in his pick-up truck, Gert and I sit in the back. We drive down a country road. You just need to follow the sign to the stable.

We can ride with a maximum of three at a time, so we go in two groups. I go first, along with Gert and Laura. A real cowboy shows us the way. It's quite handy that they speak English here!

I get the horse "that is the slowest." But he immediately wants to go! While I still don't even know where the brakes are. I also have to get used to the controls. After a while, it gets a bit easier.

We leisurely walk through the meadows. It's incredibly expansive and beautiful here! In total, we ride for two hours.

After us, Liz, Wolfgang, and Maria go. According to Liz, the horseman says that I had the most fun! Indeed, I found it very enjoyable.

In the evening, we eat again at Judy's little restaurant. We watch another video. John turns out to have a National Geographic video about the Maya that our guide Marvin in Copán talked about. It's a beautiful video. We hear various jokes and examples that Marvin also used in his explanation.

Later, at half-past nine, half of the group goes to sleep. Liz, Wolfgang, and I want to watch a movie. We decide to go to Liz's room. It's much cozier, less noise for the others, and besides, her bed is much more comfortable.

We watch "The Full Monty," about a group of strippers who go completely naked. It's quite a funny movie. After that, we watch a snippet of the local news on TV. Apart from a bloody massacre, we also see how Prince Philip and Mathilde got married in Belgium. A fairytale wedding!


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